Alisha Dellevalle Qualifications:

Worked under Hall of Fame Trainer Frank Whitely for one year. After working with Mickey Pregor for another year, I moved on to running a farm for two years, specializing in a Breaking and Training program. After that I started my own business. In the short time in business, we have already had a couple of Stakes winners, Allowance winners etc. I personally do ALL the kindergarten stages. When the horses are fit enough and I feel they are ready, we go on with them. I believe in not rushing and pushing babies. There physical condition and mental stability lets me know what they can handle without breaking them down. It has not let me down yet ! I try to turn out sound horses with sound minds, good manners and desire. These are my main goals as well as Pleasing the Owners !

A few of the winning Thoroughbreds Trained and Fitted up at Sugar Magnolia Farms !
Trained by Alisha DelleValle.


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Broke and trained, all kindergarten Stages at Sugar Magnolia Farms, Congratulations David Banks


Eye Slew The City, AnnieOakley Stakes Winner
Smart Jet, Broke & Trained this Aqueduct Winner

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